Strategic Plan

The Institute of Fire Engineers, Nigeria is an assembly of professionals in the Fire profession who have carved a niche for themselves in specialties within the Fire industry. Thus membership embraces persons involved in Firefighting, Fire protection, Fire prevention, Fire Engineering design, and all other specialties adjudged to show strong affiliation to Fire Safety. The Institute was borne out of the desire to fuse these specialties with an overall aim to utilize knowledge gained from such fusion towards the betterment of society.

The Strategic Plan for 2021 shall include;

1. Building a strong membership base through establishment of chapters across all the state of the federation and the FCT.
Membership of the Institution will be open to qualified individuals while taking note of their cadres as prescribed in the constitution. Each member shall be registered under a chapter while a central registry shall be maintained in the Institute’s headquarter. Members will have the opportunity to professionally engage across chapters through the establishment of diverse communication platforms.

2. Charting a direction for the Fire profession.
The Institute will spearhead the development of standards of practice for the Fire profession. This will come in the form of advisories and provision of technical support to government, organizations and agencies associated with the Fire Industry.

3. Promotion of Continuous Professional Development.
The Institute will promote the concept of Continuous Professional Development by ensuring that members regularly update their skills and knowledge in line with best practices across the globe. This shall come in form of seminars, conferences, trainings and examinations which shall be moderated by the Institute from time to time.

4. Establishment of Research and Information Platforms.
The Institute will seek to partner with relevant organizations towards conducting Fire based research. Findings from such research will be effectively communicated to members, organizations and the public in a bid to promote the principles of Fire Safety.

5. Development and Promotion of the Institute.
The Institute will ensure that all ideals provided within the framework of the constitution are strictly upheld in a bid to further deepen its desired development. Furthermore, the Institute will project itself to sister organizations within and outside Nigeria as a flagship organization for Fire Safety in the country.

As a foremost organization, we recognize that the aforementioned points for the plan may not be exhaustive. However, we believe that more perspectives will unfold as we commence implementation of our plans.