NAFSA Partners With IFEN To Promote Professionalism

In tandem with the objectives of NAFSA, the body has deemed it momentous to partner with the Institute of Fire Engineers Nigeria (IFEN), a franchise of the Institute of Fire Engineers. UK, an institute which offers firefighters several categories of certifications. IFEN offers NAFSA members the opportunity to subscribe to various categories of certifications. IFEN has drastically reduced the stress and rigours of subscribing to IFE UK. Besides, the subscriptions of IFE UK are way too exorbitant taking cognizance of the low earning power of firefighters in Nigeria. Therefore, commensurately, IFEN has considerably fixed a more reasonable subscription rate that is affordable and feasible.

IFEN Membership Grades are Fellows, Members, Associates, Graduates, Technicians and Students. Every firefighter must fall into one of the membership grades and they will graduate or progress successively into other grades according to their years of experience and additional certifications acquired. Pre-qualification examinations shall be used to determine competence and placements in some membership grades. Specific membership grades should be able to demonstrate competence in some relevant Continuing Professional Development(CDP) for a stipulated time duration with evidence of completion. Along the line, other relevant certifications in some fire courses hitherto acquired for personal development shall serve as criteria for placements or progression from lower to higher membership grades.

Basically, as an institute, the objective of IFEN is to promote professionalism in fire service. The partnership of NAFSA and IFEN shall ensure that the objective is achieved effectively and efficiently. NAFSA is ready and willing to market IFEN to its members and ensures that every firefighter subscribes to IFEN. The National President of NAFSA, Comrade Ugbeikwu Sunday Ugbeikwu, in a discussion with the Visioner and Coordinator of IFEN, Mr Olayiwola S-Olayinka, stressed that gone are the days when firefighters struggled to earn relevance. He asserted that professionalism will naturally engender relevance. Therefore, the solution to the present doldrum in which firefighters have found themselves is professionalism which they shall attain through a partnership with IFEN. He added that the days of obscurity are over. Mr Olayiwola S-Olayinka emphasized the need for the establishment of IFEN and promised to be committed to the course of IFEN with a view to attaining the goal of IFEN which is the professionalism of firefighters. He is delighted to have a vibrant body such as NAFSA partner with IFEN.

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